[Arashi x Yonezu Kenshi] NHK 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Theme Song 「Kite」

On December 17th it's been revealed that NHK's theme song for Olympic & Paralympic will be composed and written by Yonezu Kenshi and be sang by Arashi. The song's name is Kite (「カイト」) and it will be first shown on Kouhaku, December 31st, 2019.

I have been keeping a thread about this collaboration on Twitter but I wanted to make a clean one about it.

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[Lyrics] Nissy - Affinity

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T/N: Affinity is a cocktail and "The Affinity Cocktail is an old-school style cocktail, with no fruity liqueurs or fancy herbs. It features two fearsome ounces of scotch, plus dry and sweet vermouth, so it’s technically a double." says the site I'm reading.
Also... What a song... Really...
Anyways, usual warnings apply here too! If you find any mistakes or think there's a better translation feel free to mention below or DM me on twitter.

[Scans] Some Booklets

Long time no see!

Today I'm not actually bringing you translation or subs but I recently have discovered how to scan my things haha
So I have scanned some booklets that I have gotten when I was in Japan (and most of them were presents but well haha)
I still have a few more to scan but these are the ones I got to scan for now.

Arashi Single Collection 1999-2001 MEGA
Iza, Now MEGA

I bet there are other scans which are better than mine but well... Have fun!