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[MV] + [MV Making] Kite subs

HELLO FRIENDS SORRY FOR THE WAIT HERE I AM (why are you even yelling Yukina duh)
But hey! I am happy!
And I am here to present you Kite MV making (seriously, PV and MV is confusing me lol) and subbed MV! The MV also has karaoke too, though please don't expect too much, since this is the first time I'm making an actual karaoke timing (tbh it's hard and bothersome and I probably won't do it too much but then again there's hardly anything I wouldn't do for Kite!)

I thought to put them into the same rar but then you might not want both so I'll be separating them! Take whichever you like!

I'd like to state that I have best-ever friends here so all of the thanks go to Juls who provided me with the file (love you girl!!!!!) and to Yuuki who did the timing and typesetting without me asking (soulmate!!!!!) you guys are the best, I love you guys so much T-T <3

Raw: chesutosakurai
Timing-typesetting-karaoke-translation: mikunicchi
Rar pw: sonoito

Making of-
Raw: chesutosakurai
Timing-typesetting: yuuki_nyanmaru
Translation: mikunicchi
Rar pw: soshitekaerou

ps: if there's any trouble please let me know, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible! + this post will be public for a week and then will be member-locked! I'll post the lyrics of other songs as well as Jweb talks so stay tuned if you want! 
Tags: arashi, kite, making, single: kite, subbed
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Wow so fast!! Thank you so much 💕

thank you so much !!
Thanks a lot for your hard work!
thank you so much! :D :D I've seen seeing comments that the PV is confusing haha. now I'm more curious..
Yay! Thanks so much for subbing and sharing!
Thank you so much!!
Thank you sooo much for your hardwork!!😍
So fast!! Thank you so much xD
Thank you so much!
so fast!! thank you so much ! you did a great work!!!!

Thank you so much

Thank you very much for your hard work in subbing and sharing. m(_ _)m
Thank you so very much!
Thank you so much for translating and sharing.
I really liked the colour coded subs🪁✨
YAY!!! I've been waiting for this! Thanks fo much :-*
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