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[Arashi x Yonezu Kenshi] Arashi, collaboration with Yonezu Kenshi

Idol group, Arashi (Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho) participated in the rehearsal of the 70th Kouhaku Utagassen held at the NHK Hall Shibuya, Tokyo on 29th.

Matsumoto says, "We are very excited" about being the first Ootori of Reiwa in Kouhaku. On the special corner, Arashi will be performing "Kite" which is composed and written by Yonezu Kenshi, Matsumoto; "It's a very good song. Since it hasn't been shown anywhere we're the only ones who know what kind of song it is but it's a very Yonezu-kun-like song." says with confidence. "When we first received the song it was from his voice so I thought "So we will be singing this..." and when I heard the version of our singing I thought "So this is how it becomes when we sing Yonezu-kun's song" He created this song and wrote the lyrics with the image of Arashi singing it rather than his own singing so I was really happy to see what kind of image he has had of Arashi," he says delightfully.

Again about the same song, Sakurai: "It will be a song that will be treasured for a lifetime." and then adds "at least for me." Regarding that comment, Aiba-san backs him up "Isn't it the same for everyone? It's the same for everyone." And then Sakurai raises the expectations: "At least for me! I have witnessed the level of seriousness of NHK." Matsumoto has also foretold: "There are a few points people who knows us might think "Eh?" about it.

In fact, six of them including Yonezu-san went to drinking together at their first meeting. Sakurai reveals "When we met again yesterday, he said there were things that he was able to write thanks to that time when we talked a lot of things." However since it was one-to-five composition, Ninomiya revealed: "(Yonezu) said he didn't remember anything from the second half. (bitter smile)" About to content of the talks, they said it to be wide-ranging. Ohno also revealed that he talked Yonezu-san about drawing. "Since Yonezu-kun also draws. Like the jackets (of singles and albums)."

Sakurai looks back on the conversation back then. "He had something to talk about with the five of us, didn't he? He talked about games with Nino, and about anime with Aiba-kun. He also talked about music and arts with Matsujun." When he's asked about what he talked about with Yonezu-san, Sakurai says "I was rotating (the conversation) around. And I basically talked about Uma to Shika all the time. It was fun."

Bonus, about "music video":
Sakurai Sho reveals the music video: "(For me) it will become a treasure for a lifetime" and appeals to it "I hope it will become one as well for the fans too." When the reporters ask more "We can't imagine it at all" Matsumoto put his finger in front of his lips (🤫) and "We're told that it's this." And didn't talk about it more.

Source: Mynavi article, excite.co
The articles I translated both credits back to Model Press too.

Also about the "music video" I am not sure if they are talking a VTR or if Kite will have a PV or so, but if you ask my own opinion about this; I think Kite will have a PV. However, it's not an official announcement regarding that so if there are further notices, I'll be updating it!
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