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[sub] Music Station 3.5hr Special - Arashi (2020.07.24)

Hi there!! It's officially three days until the release of Kite!! So I'm here once again to spam you all with another Kite performance! Tbh I feel like a clown for subbing IN THE SUMMER too because seriously, am I even needed with this English lyrics??? lol But anyway, it was there so here you go!

Translation/subtitle/type-setting: the girl who loves Kite aka me
Raw: arashigoodies
Rar pw: there's no password this time! (I ran out of ideas okay lol)

[sub] Ongaku no Hi - Arashi 2020.07.18

no title
no title

Yaho~! Your local lazy translator is once again here with another Kite performance! (Yes, I am that dedicated to Kite!)

What does Ongaku no Hi has? It has our loved Nakai x Ohno banter, as well as three songs: Hadashi no Mirai, Pikanchi Double and Kite.
Feel free to grab it!

There will be another update around Friday (it might get delayed due to rl) with Music Station since they will be performing Kite again! See you soon!

Translation/subtitle/typesetting: me aka Yukina aka the girl who breathes Kite
Raw: arashigoodies
Rar pw: hadashipikanchikite

PS: If there's any problem with the file or anything please let me know. I did this while I was super tired so I might have missed it... I'll do my best to fix the file as soon as possible! 

[Lyrics] Arashi - Kite

The "official" lyrics aren't out yet so I won't be adding Japanese lyrics here but I'll just post it here too, in case anyone wants to read the Kite lyrics that I translated from the NHK video.
Please listen to this amazing song. It's so beautiful I'm not exaggerating.

Also, I've written a long-ass commentary/lyric analysis thing for this song so please visit here if you're interested

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